How Much Should You Pay For An Escort?

09 May

It seems to me that how much Cheap London escorts should be costing is a hot topic – with people everywhere googling the question, with vague answers littered across just about every forum that I’ve come across. Does the rate differ in any huge way? Should you get three quotes and pick the middle one like you’re advised to do with other business transactions? Is it a haggle type situation? Should you just go for the best deal? When it comes to money, there’s always a lot of questions to be considered, and so I’m here to debunk some of them so you can rest assured you’re not being ripped off.

 You may have heard the saying that nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap is good and this is definitely worth bearing in mind when it comes to booking in with an escort. Having said that – do remember that anyone representing themselves independently will always be cheaper given the fact that they aren’t having to give a cut of their profits to their agency; so although it does tend to be true that nothing good comes cheap – something good can definitely come cheap-er, depending on the circumstances.

The next thing to realise is what you’re paying for when you’re going to an escort; and the main thing that you’re paying for is a period of her time. Anything that happens within this period of time is between two, consenting adults – but you’re still paying her for a certain amount of time to be spent with her. If there’s something that you’re specifically expecting within this time, then it’s best to let your escort know as this might incur further charges. Before you try to work out what you should be paying, you need to know what you’re paying for – and so it’s worth deciding upfront whether you might want to ask for something a little outside of the norm, and it’s definitely worth being aware that if you do, it might cost you a little more.

The most important thing when it comes to price is to remember that it’s not a haggling point – these girls do this for their livelihood day in day out, and the price is the price. Don’t go in all guns blazing telling them you want it cheaper, because by all means this seems as though you think the escort in question isn’t worth the money that they’re advertising themselves for. Remember to be polite, respectful, and if you’re not willing to pay the price that an escort is looking for – go and find another escort who is closer to your price range.

So remember, nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap tends to be good – but that’s not saying that escorts charging a little less are awful, just make sure to do your research, take the price for what it is and know that it’s insulting to haggle an escort down, so if you can’t afford it – look elsewhere.

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