Escorts: the myths, busted

09 May

The following information has been supplied by an independent Edinburgh directory for escorts.


Myth #1: Escorting and prostitution are the same.

This isn’t strictly true: while they share a lot of the same qualities, the two jobs are slightly different – if only due to a technicality. When hiring a prostitute, you’re paying for the act of sex, or the blowjob, or whatever; with an escort, however, you’re paying for the time you spend with them. What happens in that time is up to you – and them, of course. So essentially, escorting and prostitution are the same job with slightly different rules.


Myth #2: People only pay for sex because they’re unhappy with what they’re getting at home.

According to surveys and research, the most popular reason that people visit escorts and sex workers is to fulfil a spontaneous desire for sex at a particular moment. The second is actually in order to satisfy certain fantasies, like sleeping with someone of a particular race or size. Being unhappy at home is, in fact, the third most popular reason to hire somebody for sex.


Myth #3: It’s embarrassing to visit an escort.

This one definitely isn’t true – people from all walks of life visit escorts on a regular basis, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’re guaranteed a night of fun, flirting and maybe a little more, and often it can help strengthen other relationships you have by removing sexual tension from your life as well as improving your people skills. And hey – nobody needs to feel embarrassed about enjoying themselves!


Myth #4: Escorts are uneducated and lazy.

Simply put, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Escorts are out there running their own businesses: advertising in the right places, negotiating prices, putting rules into place. They’re headstrong, they have skills in a wide variety of areas and they make money from having a good time – that’s pretty smart. They also have to juggle various social media/agency accounts, speak to and schedule clients, and keep themselves looking good all on top of actually escorting.


Myth #5: Only old loners pay for sex.

In actual fact, escorts are visited by all manner of people: couples of all ages and backgrounds, respected professionals whose busy lives leave little time for sex and dating, and those with conditions that make socialising difficult, such as Asperger’s. A visit to an escort can be a real game changer in spicing up people’s lives, helping to release tension and more!


Myth #6: Escorts only do it because they have to.

This isn’t true – a lot of escorts choose to do this job because they want to. Of course, a lot do it to pay necessary bills or put themselves through college, but it’s an industry that has been around forever and always will be – it’s a service that is very much desired, and brings people a lot of happiness. Who wouldn’t want to make money by bringing joy to the lives of others? That’s all escorts are doing, and the majority of them absolutely love it.