Fancy Some Sexy Company? Pick Up The Phone!

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10 Nov

Why Sex Text Chatting Could Be Perfect For You

If you want to flirt with a sexy woman on your terms, then give sex text chat a try.

Do you long for some no strings attached flirting with a gorgeous lady? Then why not give sex text chat a go? It has become a real favourite with busy men who want to unwind and let go of all their inhibitions. You’ll be able to get in touch with a hot woman who’s just as in the mood as you are in a matter of minutes, if not seconds! Here’s why it could work for you.

It’s convenient

When you use sex text chat services, you can do so at a time and place that suits you – all you need is a mobile phone! To anyone who may happen to pass you, you would just appear to be texting. The real magic only ever occurs between you and the woman you’re chatting with. This discretion really suits men who want to keep their love life private and their reputation intact.

Let your imagination run wild

When you’re texting the woman of your dreams, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the fact that you won’t meet the woman behind the naughty texts, you can really let your mind paint all kinds of pictures. When you’re relying solely on your imagination, the whole experience becomes incredibly erotic and you can safely explore all kinds of fantasies.

It’s very intimate

Some people think that text chat services are impersonal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll get the time to really build up a rapport with your texting partner, and you’ll soon figure out what turns both of you on. Some men like to work a cheeky little texting session in as part of their routine, while others prefer to occasionally treat themselves. When and why you decide to do it is completely up to you, but you’ll be sure to have a great time. So why not pick up the phone today?

How To Choose An Escort

09 May

Once you’ve decided to visit escorts in Mayfair for the first time, one of the most difficult things to navigate is how to find, and choose, an escort. Although there are a number of ways to find an escort, especially with the ever-expanding internet base it’s created for itself, there are some tips that can definitely make the whole things a little easier.

Decide whether you want an independent escort or you want to find an escort through an agency. There are both benefits and downfalls to each option, but essentially you need to decide if you’re going to opt for one escort who is independently marketing herself on her own, private site, or whether you would prefer to head over to an agency and look through a number of escorts that they have put together to form their books. If you don’t wish to use an agency, you’re going to need to find the pages of multiple escorts to review which one is the best fit for you and your needs. If you decide to use an agency, you’re then going to have to decide which particular escort that they represent is the right choice for you.

Generally speaking – it’s worth being wary if escorts appear to have professional studio photographs. Although obviously, not all escorts with these pictures are fake profiles, people with studio photographs are more likely to be fake as this is normally the type of stock photography that is easy to pull off of google images. Although not 100% true and fool proof, typically speaking, the more natural the photograph, the more likely that the escort is to be a real person with a real profile.

Think you’ve found someone who’s a good fit? Check the reviews. That’s right; most escorting sites have some sort of review system, where previous clients can air any grievances, or discuss the positives of the escort in question. Again, as a rule of thumb, be wary of any escorts that don’t have any reviews – although someone always has to be the first, remember that fake profiles will lack reviews, as there will never be anyone who has visited them to review them.

Looking for something particular? Make sure that the escort you’re looking at provides this service. Each person will provide different offerings than the next, and will have different hard boundaries than the net, so to avoid disappointment if there’s something that you’re visiting an escort specifically for, make sure that the person that you’re looking at will provide this for you before you go ahead and set up the appointment.

Generally speaking, it’s worth treating booking an escort in the same way as you would when dealing with any other company – make sure that they cover the things that you need, make sure that you’ve checked the reviews of clients and customers that have come before you, and make sure that you’re taking the necessary precautions in order to ensure that you’re not getting invested in something fake. Remember, if there’s something you’re not happy with when you visit your first escort, you can always come back and make sure you look for a solution to that when you’re scouting out possible escorts for your next experience.

How Much Should You Pay For An Escort?

09 May

It seems to me that how much Cheap London escorts should be costing is a hot topic – with people everywhere googling the question, with vague answers littered across just about every forum that I’ve come across. Does the rate differ in any huge way? Should you get three quotes and pick the middle one like you’re advised to do with other business transactions? Is it a haggle type situation? Should you just go for the best deal? When it comes to money, there’s always a lot of questions to be considered, and so I’m here to debunk some of them so you can rest assured you’re not being ripped off.

 You may have heard the saying that nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap is good and this is definitely worth bearing in mind when it comes to booking in with an escort. Having said that – do remember that anyone representing themselves independently will always be cheaper given the fact that they aren’t having to give a cut of their profits to their agency; so although it does tend to be true that nothing good comes cheap – something good can definitely come cheap-er, depending on the circumstances.

The next thing to realise is what you’re paying for when you’re going to an escort; and the main thing that you’re paying for is a period of her time. Anything that happens within this period of time is between two, consenting adults – but you’re still paying her for a certain amount of time to be spent with her. If there’s something that you’re specifically expecting within this time, then it’s best to let your escort know as this might incur further charges. Before you try to work out what you should be paying, you need to know what you’re paying for – and so it’s worth deciding upfront whether you might want to ask for something a little outside of the norm, and it’s definitely worth being aware that if you do, it might cost you a little more.

The most important thing when it comes to price is to remember that it’s not a haggling point – these girls do this for their livelihood day in day out, and the price is the price. Don’t go in all guns blazing telling them you want it cheaper, because by all means this seems as though you think the escort in question isn’t worth the money that they’re advertising themselves for. Remember to be polite, respectful, and if you’re not willing to pay the price that an escort is looking for – go and find another escort who is closer to your price range.

So remember, nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap tends to be good – but that’s not saying that escorts charging a little less are awful, just make sure to do your research, take the price for what it is and know that it’s insulting to haggle an escort down, so if you can’t afford it – look elsewhere.

Escorts: the myths, busted

09 May

The following information has been supplied by an independent Edinburgh directory for escorts.


Myth #1: Escorting and prostitution are the same.

This isn’t strictly true: while they share a lot of the same qualities, the two jobs are slightly different – if only due to a technicality. When hiring a prostitute, you’re paying for the act of sex, or the blowjob, or whatever; with an escort, however, you’re paying for the time you spend with them. What happens in that time is up to you – and them, of course. So essentially, escorting and prostitution are the same job with slightly different rules.


Myth #2: People only pay for sex because they’re unhappy with what they’re getting at home.

According to surveys and research, the most popular reason that people visit escorts and sex workers is to fulfil a spontaneous desire for sex at a particular moment. The second is actually in order to satisfy certain fantasies, like sleeping with someone of a particular race or size. Being unhappy at home is, in fact, the third most popular reason to hire somebody for sex.


Myth #3: It’s embarrassing to visit an escort.

This one definitely isn’t true – people from all walks of life visit escorts on a regular basis, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’re guaranteed a night of fun, flirting and maybe a little more, and often it can help strengthen other relationships you have by removing sexual tension from your life as well as improving your people skills. And hey – nobody needs to feel embarrassed about enjoying themselves!


Myth #4: Escorts are uneducated and lazy.

Simply put, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Escorts are out there running their own businesses: advertising in the right places, negotiating prices, putting rules into place. They’re headstrong, they have skills in a wide variety of areas and they make money from having a good time – that’s pretty smart. They also have to juggle various social media/agency accounts, speak to and schedule clients, and keep themselves looking good all on top of actually escorting.


Myth #5: Only old loners pay for sex.

In actual fact, escorts are visited by all manner of people: couples of all ages and backgrounds, respected professionals whose busy lives leave little time for sex and dating, and those with conditions that make socialising difficult, such as Asperger’s. A visit to an escort can be a real game changer in spicing up people’s lives, helping to release tension and more!


Myth #6: Escorts only do it because they have to.

This isn’t true – a lot of escorts choose to do this job because they want to. Of course, a lot do it to pay necessary bills or put themselves through college, but it’s an industry that has been around forever and always will be – it’s a service that is very much desired, and brings people a lot of happiness. Who wouldn’t want to make money by bringing joy to the lives of others? That’s all escorts are doing, and the majority of them absolutely love it.